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Identify which products teens are vaping

Published Apr 11, 2022
Different vape products

As if parents didn’t have enough to worry about – now the tobacco industry has found new ways to target our kids with deadly products by using technology and sweet flavors. In 2018, the FDA declared a “teen e-cigarette use epidemic,” when high school use surged by 78% between 2017 and 2018.

With so many new vaping products and more than 15,500 nicotine-infused flavors attracting kids, we have to do our homework.

In 2021, the top e-cigarette brand amongst high school users was Puff Bar, with 26.1% reporting this as their usual brand. The video link here highlights four other e-cigarettes popular with teens:

  • Juul: A sleek USB-looking e-cigarette with disposable flavor pods. These pods contain as much nicotine as an entire pack of cigarettes.
  • Suorin Vagon Black: This vaping device looks like a highlighter and can easily blend into everyday school supplies.
  • Suorin Drop: A water drop-shaped e-cigarette that fits in the palm of your hand.
  • Pen Pal Stealth Vaporizer: It’s a writing pen with an addictive twist.

All of the products in the video are used to vape nicotine-infused flavors such as Unicorn Poop, Sweet Tart, cotton candy, mint, and many more kid-friendly flavors, and with deceiving looks that hide their harm and make them virtually identical to completely different items.

The teen e-cigarette epidemic has taken many by surprise, and the rise in teen use is nothing to take lightly. Visit FlavorsHookKids.org for more information about how to talk to your kids about e-cigarettes and additional actions you can take to protect your kids.

Continue scrolling for a snapshot of new generation e-cigs to old generation e-cigs.

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