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The tobacco industry is a master of deceit15

The tobacco industry is built on manipulation and lies.16 Big Tobacco spends billions each year on slick PR campaigns,17 political lobbying,18 and funding their own scientific research so they can continue to rake in profits and skirt accountability for the damage they cause.19 They manipulated the nicotine levels in tobacco products to increase addiction.20 And when lung cancer was linked to smoking, they created filters to scam people into thinking their cigarettes were safer.2122 Now, this dishonest industry says vapes can help people who smoke quit,23 even as Big Tobacco creates a youth vaping epidemic.24 Would you trust them?

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Story of Inequity

When manipulative and deceitful marketing is disguised as empathy and support,25 it’s easier to hook communities of color and low-income populations.

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Tobacco industry’s damage

The tobacco industry currently spends billions each year on slick marketing tactics1 and political influence2 so they can profit off death and disease.
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Even for people who don’t use tobacco, there can be deadly consequences.3
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The industry calls kids their “replacement customers.”4 Big Tobacco sentences them to a lifetime of addiction and disease.
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This racist and unjust industry has strategically targeted certain communities with deadly products and manipulative messaging.5
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No one’s safe from the environmental damage6 and health risks7891011 from toxic tobacco waste and its plastic pollution.12
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Hold the industry accountable

California has already protected people from other harmful products,1314 and it’s time to hold the tobacco industry to the same standards.
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