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Welcome to Big Tobacco’s Fantasyland.

It’s paradise for the tobacco industry, where vapes are deemed safer – never mind the increased risk of stroke, and possibly lung cancer – and the deadliest industry can rebrand itself as your friend.12345678910767778798081

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The deadliest industry has some new health advice for you. Can you spot their latest deceptive claim?

Reality check: vaping

Big Tobacco twists the truth about vaping

Big Tobacco wants to sell us a future without smoking, where vapes are a “safer alternative.”123 But don’t fall for the illusion. When you can distinguish between their fantasy and reality, you can call the tobacco industry’s bluff – and end their deadly deception.

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The tobacco industry is working toward a “smoke-free” world.

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“Smoke-free”? More like “truth-free.”

Big Tobacco has no intention of going extinct, so they market dangerous, addictive vapes as “smoke-free” alternatives, all while making six trillion cigarettes every year.18

Learn how the tobacco industry is hooking kids on vapes
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Big Tobacco cares about the public’s health now.21

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They sell deadly products and corrupt scientific research.11261

Even though vaping can increase the risk of deadly diseases, the tobacco industry funds studies that mislead us into thinking it’s healthier.145681314151622 One brand even paid a scientific journal to publish its pro-vaping “research.”323

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Vaping is the best way to quit cigarettes.24

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Vaping can also lead to “dual use,” which means people vape and smoke.252627 Using counseling and medication together gives you the best chance of quitting for good.28

Studies show that vapes make it less likely that you’ll quit nicotine.29 And for Big Tobacco, addiction equals profit.

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Nicotine helps you relax and focus.

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Nicotine is brain poison and it can amplify anxiety and depression.19303132

Nicotine can magnify mood swings and irritability and permanently change the way connections form in the brain.3334 It can also interfere with attention and learning – nothing relaxing about that.33

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Thanks to Big Tobacco’s deliberate lies, there’s a lot of misinformation about vaping. Help spread the truth.

Vaping dangers

Vaping is a nightmare for your body and brain.456891035

“Smoke-free” doesn’t mean harm-free. In fact, it’s an all-out assault: Vapes put you at increased risk for lung and heart disease, and dying from strokes at a younger age, and may increase your risk of lung cancer.45678101314161836374142767778798081

Explore the health risks of vaping
Vaping is a nightmare for your body and brain.[4][5][6][8][9][10][35]
Nicotine permanently damages your brain and can increase anxiety, depression, and mood swings.193031323334
Vaping increases your risk of stroke, making you more likely to die of one at a younger age.91036373
Vaping makes gum inflammation and disease more likely – and it can cause bad breath.3940
Vaping increases the risk of developing respiratory diseases, like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), emphysema, and bronchitis.4175
Vaping may increase your risk of lung cancer.45678767778798081
People who vape daily are more likely to have had a heart attack than people who don’t smoke.42
Long-term vaping can damage blood vessels, increasing the risk for cardiovascular disease.43
E-cigarettes have been linked to bladder cancer.4445

My son was sold vape pens and juice when he was 15 at a local store. They know that getting kids hooked makes life-long customers.”

Mom — Santa Clarita

It’s a cover-up for the tobacco industry.”

Resident — Antioch

We don’t need alternatives for nicotine addiction.”

Resident — Los Angeles
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Big Tobacco’s fantasy is a nightmare for us all

Big Tobacco wants to profit off solving the deadly smoking epidemic they created.

Learn the truth about Big Tobacco’s latest rebrand
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Hold the industry accountable

We’re not falling for it.

Big Tobacco’s Fantasyland is a nightmare for us all. We’re leading the fight to protect Californians from their dangerous deceptions, and you can help by raising your voice.

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